Bella Hadid Celebrates 21st Birthday with Spicy Thong Snap for Her Fans

Some people bring in the momentous 21st birthday with celebratory (and now legal) drinks, however, Bella Hadid went one better than just legal drinks, and shared a pretty shameless yet beautiful thong snap for all her fans over Instagram, and… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday to Jen Selter!

Today is August 8th, which marks the day in the year of 70 AD when the Romans destroyed the Tower of Antonia in Jerusalem, but fast forward to 1993, and it was the day that the quintessential “American Pie” Jen… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Eddie Murphy!

At Brainstain, even on the slowest of news days, there’s always a good chance somebody interesting was born on that very day. Today is Eddie Murphy’s birthday, “Happy Birthday Eddie”. One of the true great stand up comics and most… Continue Reading