Las Vegas: Mass Casualties at Mandalay Bay Shooting

Horrific reports are coming in from Las Vegas, Nevada at a music festival called Route 91 Harvest Festival beside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, with an automatic weapon being used on the crowds coming from the top floor of… Continue Reading

BREAKING: London Tube Explosion at Parsons Green

This morning at around 8:20am in Parsons Green, South West London, a fireball was reported to have flown through the tube carriage after an explosion occurred inside which burned passengers, and after that, a panicked stampede ensued which has also… Continue Reading

Horrendous Multiple ISIS Terror Attacks in Barcelona & Cambrils

Yesterday it happened again, at around 6pm local time in Spain on an early summer’s evening. Yes, yet another vile and barbaric ISIS van attack, this time in Barcelona on the promenade street of Las Ramblas in the heart of… Continue Reading

Big Ben is Going Silent Until 2021

Well, well, well… Even the greatest things need refurbishment these days, don’t they? It’s called “wear and tear”, but when it comes to Big Ben, London’s most iconic landmark, should it be called, “for whom the bell tolls”, as it… Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian Shuts Down Countertop Cocaine Rumours

Good morning, good day or good evening to you, fellow early birds, hard-workers and insomniacs, now we’ve recently had the pleasure of avoiding Kim Kardashian for quite some time, but inevitably, we knew that the day would come once again,… Continue Reading

Breaking News: Major Fire Incident in London Tower Block

A fire broke out at 12:55am on Wednesday morning in London in the North Kensington area, inside a 24 story building block on Grenfell Road and with numerous inhabitants still trapped inside whilst the building burns. A total number of… Continue Reading

Manchester Arena Terror Attack Kills 22 And Injures 59 Innocent People

Late last night at the Manchester Arena in the United Kingdom, at the Ariana Grande concert at 22:38pm, after she had performed her last song of the night, an explosion rang out in the packed out venue, sending concert goers… Continue Reading

Newsflash: Spanish Scientists Discover Alcohol Makes You Fat!

“Buenos Dias everybody!” So, we have some completely unbelievable news coming at us today from some Spanish scientific geniuses that have concluded that if you swap beer for water, then you will avoid obesity by a fifth and it also… Continue Reading

Save Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson, co-founder, former spokesman and leader of the English Defence League and all round British national treasure was shockingly arrested this morning, just after 4 a.m by Bedfordshire Police. His alleged crime? Going to a court case in Canterbury… Continue Reading

Website Update: Be Back Tomorrow

Hello readers! If you came here expecting to see some hot new news pieces today, you might be in for a spell of disappointment. Due to some unexpected technical difficulties unrelated to the website, we’ll be postponing today’s workload to take… Continue Reading

Theresa May Calls for Snap General Election for Strong and Stable Brexit

Today, UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced a shock snap general election set for the 8th of June to give Britain the chance to select someone to uphold a “strong and stable leadership” with which to deliver Brexit. Theresa May must win… Continue Reading

Update: Three Explosions Near Borussia Dortmund Football Team Bus. Islamist Suspect has been Arrested.

** See Latest Updates at End of Article in Update Feed Form A bomb has exploded around the Borussia Dortmund team bus ahead of their match against AS Monaco tonight in the Champions League and defender Marc Barta has been… Continue Reading

Stockholm Terrorist Attack; Truck Ploughs into Pedestrians (Live Updates)

Stockholm, Sweden – the home of too many Muslim migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, has suffered a characteristic vehicular jihad terror attack on Drottninggatan, the most famous shopping street in the whole of the capital, occurring in broad daylight. There… Continue Reading

Hillary Clinton Elected As NEW President of the United States of America

We have some amazing top-secret “confidential” breaking news coming at us today! The Democrats finally found the “Russian Hacker” that had seemingly made everyone vote for Donald Trump in the U.S. Presidential election of 2016. Say it isn’t so? Yes, but… Continue Reading

Terrorist Attack in London (Live Updates)

At around 14:40 pm (GMT) today on Westminster Bridge, London, the incident that many people had been fearing, happened, as sirens could be heard across the city. A shocking and horrific attack has now landed on London. On first look,… Continue Reading

Madeleine McCann’s Disappearance and the Major Un-Followed Lead

You know the feeling when you meet somebody or see somebody that just gives you the creeps? Some people who get this feeling off of others, may possibly be considered to be a very intuitive person. A person that can… Continue Reading

Floyd Mayweather’s Car Set Ablaze in Birmingham

Floyd Mayweather, 40, has recently professed his love for the United Kingdom and for London in particular, during his ongoing visit, stating that the UK has brought excitement back into the sport of boxing with the resurgence of interest because… Continue Reading

Get your fill of our fine Instagram memes! @brainstainnews

Heyo once again readers! It’s me once again, here to bring you yet another bit of good news for your social media feeds. As you may well be aware, it’s that time of the week again where the burdens of… Continue Reading

Hold Onto Your Hats: Storm Doris Hits the UK, Please Be Safe Out There

Just when you thought that the Groundhog was wrong about six more weeks of winter, because temperatures had recently become warmer, almost spring like, then yesterday the temperatures were swaying from cold to mild again, then now warm again in… Continue Reading

The Reasons Why Donald Trump is Totally Right about Sweden

Sweden is a country in Scandinavia that has been under predominately Socialist rule for decades and has had an open door border policy, with crime rising to unforeseen levels over the past few years due to the influx of Muslim… Continue Reading

Amanda Knox aka “Foxy Knoxy” Writes About Lesbian Relationships from time in Prison

The year was 2007 and out of Perugia, Italy, on November the 2nd, came the unfortunate tale of an American college exchange student, Amanda Knox, 20, at the time and her boyfriend Raffaelle Sollecito, being caught up in a murder… Continue Reading

The Rise and Fall of Leicester City FC

It was the fairytale story of all fairytale stories ever told in Sport with Leicester City Football Club winning the Premier League in the 2015-2016 season, lifting the trophy in May of 2016. All that glory of the underdog winning… Continue Reading

Travel Ban: Trump Releases List Of 78 Under Reported Islamic Terrorist Attacks

Throughout Barack Obama’s Presidency we saw an increase in terror attacks in the United States and also across the world, no doubt due to the migrant crisis and the refugee problem, which had truly opened up the flood gates for… Continue Reading

Radical Islamic Terrorist Attacks Police with a Machete at The Louvre

This morning at 9:30am GMT at the famous Louvre museum in Paris, a machete wielding radical Islamic terrorist attacked security forces whilst yelling, “Allahu Akbar”, before being shot non-fatally. The whole museum was evacuated and streets cordoned off, with many… Continue Reading

Scott Disick Leaves Costa Rica after Row with Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner

Scott “The Lord” Disick has been in the news in recent days, due to the fact that he joined the Kardashian clan on their Costa Rica vacation for some filming of KUWTK TV program. However, only days into his visit,… Continue Reading

Azealia Banks Beef with Rihanna Over Immigration Ban

The highlight of the weekend was Azealia Banks Instagram “war of words” with Rihanna’s Tweets over Donald Trump’s immigration policy, and his move to block certain problematic nations from entering the U.S.A for ninety days. Of course, we have never… Continue Reading

Former Teen Star, Mischa Barton, Was Found Yelling on Top of Her Backyard Fence

Former actress, Mischa Barton from that old TV show  ‘The OC’, celebrated her birthday on the 24th of January and a couple of days later she was found atop her backyard fence, as neighbors called the police in West Hollywood,… Continue Reading

Madonna to Adopt Twins from Malawi

After Madonna’s post-Inaugural antics in protesting Donald Trump at the so-called “women’s” protests, saying that she had thought a lot about blowing up the White House in front of an impressionable crowd of young people, which also garnered her a… Continue Reading