Women Sues Bed Firm After Being Injured During Sex

Claire Busby, of Maidenhead, South East England, was enjoying a rip roaring night of Charlies Angels style full throttle frolicking fun until she was flung from her bed and left paralysed. Busby sustained serious injury to her spine when she… Continue Reading

Tourists Flock To “Dildo” In Canada, And End Up Loving The Place

There’s plenty of serious news circling beneath the mainstream media’s news radar, but we’ve decided to avoid it all, because apparently there’s a town in Canada called Dildo. We know what you’re thinking. That can’t be the name of a… Continue Reading

27ft Python Swallows Indonesian Woman Whole Whilst Gardening

Gardening can often be an arduous chore for many people around the world, whether it’s a general tidy of the garden, or you’re bolstering towards a horticultural obsession, either way, the garden isn’t necessarily deemed a dangerous place, until now.… Continue Reading

Burglar in Ireland Sues Shopkeeper After Injuring Himself

In a politically correct world of lunacy and overextended human rights, even the rights of burglars are seemingly being more catered to than their victims these days, if this latest news is anything to go by. The world has gone… Continue Reading

Blackout Drunk Ex-Pat Brit Has A Rude Awakening in Taiwan

Anyone remember the film Hangover II when the Wolf Pack travelled to Bangkok for Stu’s wedding? If you’ve seen the film, you’ll know full well that the party got a bit out of hand, (like last time), and everybody wake… Continue Reading

California Farmer Claims To Have Seen Bigfoot Family On His Ranch

With so much important news circling around at the moment, we cannot forget about Bigfoot, the debatable king of cryptozoology and the age old mystery surrounding him that never seems to go away. Yes, something relevant has occurred once again… Continue Reading

Pole Dancing Is Now A Recognised Sport; Could Feature in The Olympics

To say that the world has gone completely mad in recent times is a major understatement, what with the mass liberal fake news media plaguing our lives, the continuous Islamic terrorist attacks as a result of EU meddling with the… Continue Reading

The Man Who Became the Burning Man at Burning Man (Warning: Graphic Images)

Now here’s some news which will leave you shaken, stirred and feeling very uncomfortable. At the annual Burning Man festival event in the Black Rock Nevada desert, which attracted over 70,000 party goers this year, a 41-year old man named… Continue Reading

Woman Refused Entry To Busch Gardens For Wearing A Pop Punk Shirt

Nowadays, the world we live in has become so ridiculous, that even simple band merchandise isn’t safe from somebody acting upon some form of politically correct vibe in these liberally deluded times, where anyone might be offended. This was the… Continue Reading