Disneyland Tower is the possible Source for Legionnaires’ Disease

Disneyland in Anaheim, California, the happiest place on earth? Or the place where severe pneumonia comes from? A health official testified this week that the cooling tower providing mist to help cool down guests during the hot weather was the… Continue Reading

Maya Bay Beach Off Koh Phi Phi Island Shuts Down To Tourists

Do you remember the quite wonderful film ‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio from the year 2000? Well, since it first premiered, the filming location of Maya Bay became a tourist hotspot, along with Koh Phi Phi Island in Thailand, where… Continue Reading

Tourists Flock To “Dildo” In Canada, And End Up Loving The Place

There’s plenty of serious news circling beneath the mainstream media’s news radar, but we’ve decided to avoid it all, because apparently there’s a town in Canada called Dildo. We know what you’re thinking. That can’t be the name of a… Continue Reading

Triggered Feminist Offended by Air Asia Stewardess Uniform

Just when you thought the world couldn’t be comprised of more ridiculously sensitive and annoying people who are offended by just about everything, up steps Dr. June Robertson from Wellington, New Zealand, who wrote that she was “disgusted” and “offended”… Continue Reading

The 10 Emotional Stages of Air Travel

We’re sure you’ve heard the news. United Airlines removed a passenger in a heavy handed mobster-like fashion due to them overbooking their flight. When they couldn’t free up the seat in the usual way (i.e. paying passenger to take another flight), the man was… Continue Reading

The Big Smokey End

The cold, harsh, smokey reality is that at this moment in time — London is a death trap. Cyclists are being run down, stabbings are happening in broad daylight and a high-risk pollution warning has been issued over London, with… Continue Reading

10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid London Like The Plague

The etched frowns of Londoners are very telling on a Monday morning on the Central Line. Misery lingers in the rocking carriages as the smell of stinking body odour and spewing coughs fills the air. London is a dreary, dismal,… Continue Reading

The 10 Annoying Traits Of A Cyclist

Ahh, Cyclists, the bane of the road. They are often loathed, despised and often ridiculed by motorists and pedestrians alike, when they see those tight lycra short wearing inconveniences that have no regard for road safety, manners and just about… Continue Reading

London Underground: People Watching Porn!

On Wednesday, this week in London, talk about a happy “humpday”, yes? Sensationally, a London Underground worker was caught in his cubicle watching hardcore porn on a tablet, beside an Underground platform. According to ‘The Sun’ with the photos to… Continue Reading

United Airlines Introduces Carry-On Luggage Charges

We must really feel like being inside an airport or aboard a plane today, because we have more Travel news.  Or maybe it’s just because there have been some interesting developments within the Air Travel industry in the USA yesterday,… Continue Reading