Donald Trump Reveals Reason Why He Cancelled London Trip; Laments U.S. Imports from 3rd World

If you hadn’t already heard the really bad news, Donald J. Trump has cancelled his trip to London, since the US Embassy in London is being moved from its majestic Grosvenor Square location to south of the River Thames on Nine… Continue Reading

Nivea Accused Of Racism After Advert Shows Product Lightening Black Skin

What’s with skin care advertisements and racism lately? First, it was Dove accused of racism with their campaign of a black woman removing her top to reveal a white woman underneath, and now, moisturiser brand Nivea are the one’s under… Continue Reading

The Dinosaur-Crocodile That Roamed Jurassic Madagascar

Scientists have discovered fossilised bones in Madagascar suggesting the existence of a 24-ft long Tyrannosaurus Rex like Crocodile, that roamed the African Island some 170 million years ago and on its hind legs. Yikes! So, is this just myth and… Continue Reading