The Big Arctic Freeze is Coming to the United Kingdom

Morning everyone! This Monday in the British Isles, we are told to be expecting an Arctic Freeze which is set to last over three weeks. That means it’s definitely time to turn on those radiators, crank the heating up, pull… Continue Reading

Transfer Deadline Day: The Round-Up

In a major anti-climax on Transfer Deadline Day in the English Premier League, and in consequential related transfers around Europe, not much happened at all. What does stick out however, is Arsenal’s major failure in the transfer window. Let’s break… Continue Reading

Big Ben is Going Silent Until 2021

Well, well, well… Even the greatest things need refurbishment these days, don’t they? It’s called “wear and tear”, but when it comes to Big Ben, London’s most iconic landmark, should it be called, “for whom the bell tolls”, as it… Continue Reading

Dust Off Your Best Antique China Tea Set, Today Is National Tea Day

What a time to be British and to be alive. What with the sheer joy and realisation that we are finally escaping the evil clutches of the E.U and Theresa May’s general election triumph victory around the corner, there is more… Continue Reading

10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid London Like The Plague

The etched frowns of Londoners are very telling on a Monday morning on the Central Line. Misery lingers in the rocking carriages as the smell of stinking body odour and spewing coughs fills the air. London is a dreary, dismal,… Continue Reading

Which Football League Reigns Supreme? (Part 1)

It’s a debate that’s seemingly gone on as long as football has existed. Is the English Premier League truly the premier league of Europe, and if not which competition really is? Sure, people can, will and should point to Leicester… Continue Reading

England’s Football Team: Three Sleeping Lions on a Shirt


The English National football team played last night in a 0-0 draw away in Slovenia on the 11th of October 2016. It was Gareth Southgate’s second game in charge after the immediate sacking of Sam Allardyce after only one match,… Continue Reading