Campaigner Wins Right To Challenge Government On Gender-Neutral Passports

In the UK, passports currently have the option of “M” and “F” for holders to specify their gender. However, campaigner Christie Elan-Cane, has won the rights to challenge the government over gender-neutral passports. Christie wants there to be an “X”… Continue Reading

9 Reasons Why Right Wing Men Make Better Boyfriends

Politics is personal, after all – you are what you believe. Your views are usually shaped by your outlook and values. This is quite apparent when choosing who to spend considerable amount of time with i.e. – that special somebody… Continue Reading

Cis-Genderism Is Taking Over Your Xbox (And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It)

Ever wanted your Xbox Live Avatar to be a non-binary wheel chair bound pregnant pansexual? Well now you can make all your non-conforming gender identity dreams come true with the latest gender-neutral in Xbox Live update. Open minded Microsoft hopes… Continue Reading