Venezuela’s Expired Passports Are Valid For Two More Years

The socialist wasteland of Venezuela, which used to be a beautiful country, but which now sees President Nicolas Maduro encouraging its citizens to learn to breed and eat rabbits for food, whilst a woman was recently pictured in the street… Continue Reading

Honouring the Hopkins: Why Katie Hopkins is a British Icon

Love her or hate her, Katie Hopkins has a voice and quite frankly is not afraid to speak her mind. Despite anyone resembling a Jeremy Corbyn fan claiming to be offended by her vast array of opinions, isn’t she just… Continue Reading

9 Reasons Why Right Wing Men Make Better Boyfriends

Politics is personal, after all – you are what you believe. Your views are usually shaped by your outlook and values. This is quite apparent when choosing who to spend considerable amount of time with i.e. – that special somebody… Continue Reading

Labour Fails To Defeat Government’s EU Repeal Bill

Britain took another big step towards leaving the EU last night as Labour failed to defeat the government’s EU Repeal Bill. MPs defied Jeremy Corbyn in first votes on the crucial legislation, with overall votes of 326 to 290 and a… Continue Reading

Recent UK Election Caught Up In Serious Voter Fraud

Oh yes, it was only a matter of time before a topic like Voter Fraud would be exposed in the United Kingdom, through the recent shift and rise in Labour votes for Jeremy Corbyn in the last general election. Much… Continue Reading

Theresa May’s Election Plan Backfires, But Remains Victorious as Prime Minister

Seven weeks ago, Theresa May came out and called for a general election in the United Kingdom, (much to the surprise to everyone in the country), believing that she would need a strong and stable government to deliver Brexit and… Continue Reading

Diane Abbott Digs Her Own Grave Live on Sky News (WATCH)

We really love when Diane Abbott does interviews on the radio or appears on television because it seals the deal for the failing Labour party and their imminent demise. The shadow Home Secretary was left flustered and stirred in a one… Continue Reading

Is Theresa May The Reincarnation Of Jesus?

She was crucified for our Brexit sins by the dishonourable E.U bureaucrats, and now Theresa May has been resurrected to save us from holy Euro damnation. Well, that was the impression given after Theresa May was voted the party leader… Continue Reading

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Many Different Hairstyles of Diane Abbott

According to Diane Abbott, supporting terrorists is just a phase that you go through, like you do with your hair. I guess it’s like looking back at those old dodgy photos of yourself in which the size of that awful… Continue Reading

Notorious Gotham City Mobster “The Penguin” Urges UK To Back Jeremy Corbyn In Election

The Penguin, real name Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot has called on Brits to vote for the Labour Party and back Jeremy Corbyn ahead of the UK elections. But despite his notoriety, the self-proclaimed “gentleman of crime” who often wears a top… Continue Reading

7 Possibilities Of Who The NHS Cyber-Attack Culprits Could Be

Last week the NHS suffered a catastrophic event of epic proportions, and no, Jeremy Corbyn had not been elected into Downing Street. Hospitals across England were hit by a large-scale cyber-attack which had locked staff out of their computers and… Continue Reading

Are Voters Only Backing Theresa May Because They Like Her Hair?

There’s been a lot of hair pulling, bitching and scratching during the UK general election. Labour MP Emily Thornberry risked enraging conservative voters by claiming they are only backing Theresa May because they like her hair. Yes, really! People only vote… Continue Reading

Theresa May Drops General Election Bombshell And Now The End Of The World Is Near!

You know the drill by now. A vote is announced that could potentially change the political landscape. Mass hysteria prevails, followed by left-wing scaremongering and fear tactics to convince you that monsters lurk beneath your bed and that aliens could potentially be… Continue Reading

Theresa May Calls for Snap General Election for Strong and Stable Brexit

Today, UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced a shock snap general election set for the 8th of June to give Britain the chance to select someone to uphold a “strong and stable leadership” with which to deliver Brexit. Theresa May must win… Continue Reading