Venezuela’s Expired Passports Are Valid For Two More Years

The socialist wasteland of Venezuela, which used to be a beautiful country, but which now sees President Nicolas Maduro encouraging its citizens to learn to breed and eat rabbits for food, whilst a woman was recently pictured in the street… Continue Reading

9 Reasons Why Right Wing Men Make Better Boyfriends

Politics is personal, after all – you are what you believe. Your views are usually shaped by your outlook and values. This is quite apparent when choosing who to spend considerable amount of time with i.e. – that special somebody… Continue Reading

Why Cultural Appropriation Is Actually A Good Thing

Regardless of what the not so liberal left want you to believe, and despite the claims from angry members of the black community that white girls styling their straightened white privileged hair into cornrows will bring about the apocalypse, cultural… Continue Reading

Emmanuel Macron’s Core Foreign Policy Is Fighting Islamist Terrorism

In Paris on Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the nation and revealed his core French foreign policy, stating that it is eradicating “Islamist Terrorism”. Now if there was ever a recent flimsy and very confusing career politician, it would… Continue Reading

Why Dating a Liberal Snowflake is Impossible

In these liberally indoctrinated and brainwashed times of the youth in the western world, let’s call it at most people between the ages of 18-years-old to 28-years-old, since during recent times there’s most definitely been a perennial shift in the… Continue Reading

The True State of the USA: Donald Trump Visits West Virginia Boy Scout Jamboree

It’s time for a reality check, away from all the “Fake News” in order to show you the true popularity of Donald Trump, once and for all. Since, who’s been sick of the “Fake news” against Donald Trump, since he… Continue Reading

Recent UK Election Caught Up In Serious Voter Fraud

Oh yes, it was only a matter of time before a topic like Voter Fraud would be exposed in the United Kingdom, through the recent shift and rise in Labour votes for Jeremy Corbyn in the last general election. Much… Continue Reading

Why Multiculturalism in Sweden Has Been A Massive Failure. Has Socialism failed us?

So, we’re back at it again! And what better way to start off this joyous morning then by pointing out the obvious with your morning Cappuccino, and that’s that Socialist ventures in many countries such as Sweden, who are now… Continue Reading

Lindsay Lohan Backs President Trump Up On Twitter

As Donald Trump heads to the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany for Friday the 7th of July, to talk to world leaders and also to finally meet Vladimir Putin. Lindsay Lohan has sprung up out of nowhere on July 5th… Continue Reading

CNN Blackmails Reddit User Over Bodyslam Video

Now CNN are stooping to greater levels of embarrassment and it is “oh so joyful” to watch. So everybody is joining together to expose and poke fun at the failing news network. that have now reached out to the creator… Continue Reading

Is The BBC A Colluded Left Wing Socialist News Network?

What happened to the British Broadcasting Corporation, better known as the BBC? Since once upon a time they were a trusted news source that produced objective news reports and showed both sides to a story. Not anymore, as they continue… Continue Reading

Harry Styles: Brexit Is the Wrong Direction for Britain

Former One Direction star, who is rumoured to be worth £40 million, has revealed that he does not want to leave the E.U. Come on Harry, live while you’re young! Harry Styles (as with most Remoaners) seem to have forgotten that… Continue Reading

James Woods Unleashes Tweet Aimed At Anderson Cooper’s Eye Roll

So, what happened this weekend in the Twittersphere? Well quite a lot as usual, but the pick of the bunch is surely actor James Woods’ tweet in response to CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s eye roll, when he was speaking to Kellyanne… Continue Reading

How to Trigger All the Deluded Liberals in One Sweep

So, here at Brainstain we experience immense joy on the daily because that’s what we do, we spread joy and logic, we walk with a strut because we know plenty that you do not fathom, and that’s a pretty good… Continue Reading

How To Determine If Somebody Is A Neo-Liberal Fascist

Now it’s been an interesting time for politics in the last 18 months and this saw the landslide win from President Donald J. Trump in the USA elections, plus the British public voting to leave the European Union, but unfortunately… Continue Reading

BBC Newsnight Closes Show With Left Wing Poetic Rant

There we were the other night, about to fall asleep on the sofa, when all of a sudden the BBC program Newsnight was coming to an end of its current affairs segment, and what did we see and hear next?… Continue Reading

10 Reasons Why Brainstain is Superior to Buzzfeed

Ah Buzzfeed, our old enemy, we meet again. The Batman to our Joker and the Superman to our Kryptonite, Buzzfeed is the millennial liberal propaganda publication that posts far left tabloid-esque lists and articles designed to deliberately fuel ignorant and hateful… Continue Reading

Spreading Liberal Multi-Coloured Sprinkles of Love on National Unicorn Day. What?

Yesterday, was National Unicorn Day, the sparkliest and most magical holiday of the year. Well, it sure does beat the Easter Bunny and Zombie Jesus, anyway. There was an undeniable excitement in the air that glitter was literally sprinkling from… Continue Reading

Shia LaBeouf’s “Man Down” Film Flops; One Ticket Sold in UK

Shia Labeouf is probably one the most hated people in the world today, so it should come as no surprise that it also reflected that very same notion for the Box Office sales of his new film, ‘Man Down’, during… Continue Reading

Blame Canada: Is Canada Becoming An Islamic State?

Meet Justin Trudeau, current Prime Minister of Canada and the Canadian version of Christian Grey from the ’50 Shades of Grey’’ series. Brightestyoungthings Sexy, isn’t he? What’s there not to love about the dashing and charming 45 year old leader… Continue Reading

Trump Is Punk: How Donald Trump Is Leading An Anti-Establishment Movement

In the socially and political climate of 2017, being a Donald Trump supporter is the new punk rock. Trump supporters are mocked, ridiculed and looked at with sheer disgust and bemusement, something a Punk sporting a purple 4 inch Mohawk… Continue Reading

Debunking 30 Hypocritical Liberal Myths and Lies

Liberals lie and often they misinterpret information to further an agenda. According to king of everything liberal Barack Obama, “The arguments of liberals are more often grounded in reason and fact.” But according to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher,… Continue Reading

Keep Calm, Tweet and Pray: How the Left Reacted After the London Islamic Terrorist Attack

Nothing to see here, please go about your daily business, just a few bodies lying motionless, injured and dying on the concrete paved streets of Westminster on a typical and mundane Wednesday afternoon in London. Oh, and whatever you do, in… Continue Reading

10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Probably Did Not Want To Shake Angela Merkel’s Hand

On March 17th 2017 worlds collided, cultures and values clashed and volcanos erupted when the supreme leader of the free world came face to face with the mother of all migrants, Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel. Trump and Merkel’s historical… Continue Reading

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Date A Deluded Liberal

How could you possibly date someone who doesn’t agree with you politically, in this day and age? Politics are very personal. The way a person votes offers a pretty accurate reflection of his or her inherent values, views and beliefs.… Continue Reading

12 Reasons Why Katie Hopkins is the Undisputed ‘Queen of Twitter’

LBC Radio Presenter, Columnist for the Mail Online and representation of everything that is great about Britain, Katie Hopkins is an outspoken beacon of truth and light in a world gone crazy of fear of offending and hurting peoples feelings.… Continue Reading

Champagne Socialism & Hypocrisy with Michael Moore

Current Affairs

At Brainstain, we love to point out idiosyncrasies within society and within public perception in general. There is no one that quite matches the barely walking contradiction of Michael Moore, the supposed poster boy of the working class people, whilst… Continue Reading