The Pussycat Dolls Exposed As A Prostitute Ring By Former Member Kaya Jones

This morning, some shocking revelations on Twitter have been exposed by Kaya Jones, the former member of the hugely popular group The Pussycat Dolls, stating that all members were used and sexually abused. Underneath the sexy glitz and glamour with… Continue Reading

Neck Deep Cancel Nottingham Show Over Feud With Security

Pop punk group Neck Deep cut their show short at Nottingham Rock City on Monday after a physical altercation with security guards broke out. Neck Deep scrapped their show just two songs in, with vocalist Ben Barlow announcing that “security… Continue Reading

Tove Lo Gets Frisky with a Puppet in New Music Video

Badass Swedish pop artist Tove Lo, who comes from that country that’s almost way too famous for their hot blondes and many feminist women, plus Abba, crayfish season, Roxette, smorgasbords, the Swedish Royal family, the best gelatinous candy, Absolut vodka,… Continue Reading

Niall Horan Says He Was The “Quieter” Member Of One Direction

Whenever someone says One Direction people are used to hearing screaming girls, right? Well, since going solo, Niall Horan shares how he can go unnoticed on public transport. Former band member opened up about how different he acted in One Direction compared to after… Continue Reading

Cardi B Knocks Taylor Swift Off Top US Billboard Spot

Move over Taylor, because there’s a new number one in town. She goes by Cardi B, and she’s become the first female rapper in 19 years to hit the number one spot on the US Billboard Hot 100. Cardi B’s… Continue Reading

Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards Rushed To Hospital In Las Vegas

Pop girl band Little Mix performed as a trio during Saturday’s performance at the iHeart Festival in Las Vegas since Perrie Edwards, 24, was forced to pull out of their performance and was hospitalised due to a “gastric problem”. A… Continue Reading

Why Cultural Appropriation Is Actually A Good Thing

Regardless of what the not so liberal left want you to believe, and despite the claims from angry members of the black community that white girls styling their straightened white privileged hair into cornrows will bring about the apocalypse, cultural… Continue Reading

Fifth Harmony Throw Shade At Camila During VMA Performance

The music event of the year, MTV’s Video Music Awards 2017, came back with a bang. Literally a bang. Fifth Harmony won this year’s Best Pop Video award. However, that isn’t the Fifth Harmony moment people are talking about. Former band… Continue Reading

Liam and Noel Gallagher’s Mum Gives Up Trying To Reunite The Brothers

Sibling rivalries, eh? For those who grew up with them, we’re all too familiar with it, aren’t we? Arguments between them can last from a day over eating the last cupcake, or longer if it’s something far bigger, especially when… Continue Reading

Is Taylor Swift’s New Single About Katy Perry & The Kimye Feud?

The 27 year old pop queen Taylor Swift has dropped the first single ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ from her new album Reputation and it is definitely beating Perry’s ‘Swish Swish’ to a pulp. Tay-Tay has been through a… Continue Reading

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Wedding on Hold due to Explosive Fights

Just when we thought Australian hunk Liam Hemsworth finally tamed the wild American pop singer Miley Cyrus, their wedding plans have been put to a halt due to “explosive fights” between the pair. Apparently, it’s all down to Liam refusing… Continue Reading

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast – Iron Maiden’s new comic series coming in October!

Heavy metal legends Iron Maiden are set to branch out into a whole new range of awesomeness with their very own comic book series! The new comic books, which see the band partner with US science fiction publishers Heavy Metal… Continue Reading

Justin Bieber Gets Rejected By Taken Girl On Instagram

Things don’t appear to be going great for the number one pop singer Justin Bieber at the moment. First he gets bottles thrown at him on stage from fans for not being able to sing ‘Despacito’ in Spanish, (a blessing… Continue Reading

Kanye West’s $10million Lawsuit Countered by Lloyd’s

Kanye West’s tour insurers Lloyd’s of London have hit back at Kanye’s $10million lawsuit against them, because he was forced to cancel his shows in November last year. Now in the media they called this Kanye West’s mental breakdown, but seemingly… Continue Reading

The Most Streamed Song of All Time Hits 4.6 Billion Plays

So, apparently whilst we’ve been probably hearing this song everywhere by now, it still seems to sound like all the other songs in the latin dance category and we think we saw the video once, but we blatantly flipped past… Continue Reading

Our Top 5 MC’s (Dead or Alive) in Hip Hop & Rap

Yes, you read the title right (you don’t need contacts), so as you may have already gathered, it’s time for Brainstain to evaluate the impossible and dig into the common notion of who is really in the Top 5 Dead… Continue Reading

Official UK Charts Change Rules To Stop Ed Sheeran Effect

The Official Chart Company are shaking up their rules for the UK charts, in order to prevent an artist or group from dominating the majority of the top spots. This will mean that they will stop the same artist from… Continue Reading

Ten Years Of iPhone: What Has Changed?

It’s been ten years to the day since the first iPhone was released. Well, so what’s changed? Obviously, the iPhone’s have changed along with the advancements of modern technology, right? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to have… Continue Reading

Why Was There Never A Rapper Called Ice (fill the blank)?

Hey readers! We thought we’d bring you some of our thoughts about why there was never more rappers that started their artist moniker with the prefix of “Ice” in the Hip-Hop and Rap genre. Yes, the popular music of Hip-Hop… Continue Reading

Katie Price Set To Make A Humongous Musical Comeback

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Katie Price AKA the topless glamour model and all round British icon, formally known as Jordan is making her big musical comeback with a new scorching summer anthem “I Got U” and… Continue Reading

2Pac: ‘All Eyez on Me’ Movie Released Today & Happy Birthday to Tupac

Happy Birthday to Tupac Amaru Shakur from all of us here at Brainstain. Rest in Peace. So, in his honour we will be reciting all of his songs, all day long. Since he is one of modern history’s most influential… Continue Reading

Onyx & Dope D.O.D: Shotgunz in Hell Album Released

Here at Brainstain, we bring you the cutting edge of everything, so today we bring you the sharp cuts & beats, with the added slithering venom of lyrics in the form of Onyx and Dope D.O.D, who linked up and… Continue Reading

Beyoncé Announces Twins!

For all those of you who thought Beyoncé and Jay Z were on the brink of divorce, couldn’t be more wrong! Queen of singing is now the ‘Queen of Surprises’ again. Beyoncé has confirmed she is pregnant with not one, but… Continue Reading

Lady Gaga’s Breakdown in CBS Interview, Insert Tears Here.

‘Perfect Illusion‘ singer Lady Gaga has broken down to tears during her interview with CBS over the pressures of fame. Bu-effin-hu!  Watch her emotional interview here. Or don’t because who the hell cares about what she has to say? The… Continue Reading

Justin Bieber: Singer or Punch Swinger?

Singing sensation Justin Bieber has had the best few years of his life. His ‘Purpose ‘ album, released in 2015, marked his sixth album to debut at the number one spot (buy here). Selling an estimated 100 million records thus far, Bieber… Continue Reading

D.I.T.C. – New Album ‘Sessions’ Out Now & Big L (R.I.P.)

  At Brainstain, we have a close ear affinity to Hip-Hop, since a young age and also in making visual content for artists’, so we have the license to write about it. What’s very exciting in Hip-Hop, recently? The release… Continue Reading

Modern Day Icon: Simon Rex & Social Media Antics

At Brainstain, we like a high dosage of inappropriate at any given moment and there’s hardly anyone doing as many inappropriate character’s, as the infamous Simon Rex. Born and raised in San Francisco, California, the former Tommy Hilfiger model used to… Continue Reading

VEVO Review: The Weeknd – “Starboy”. Also, Bruno Mars?

So, once upon a time someone told us that ‘The Weeknd’ was a top recording artist, hence, post-overhearing his music everywhere and with only ever really listening to it with ears way closed, we finally decided to give his breakthrough… Continue Reading

Madonna: Promises BJ’s for Hillary Votes! (Shudder)

Entertainment News

We were about to call it a day here at Brainstain, but then we realized that this is pretty much a 24-hour job, with lots of writing and eyebrow frowning at the current state of the world. Who better to… Continue Reading

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ‘17: Tupac Shakur Enters

Entertainment News

The greatest ‘Hip-Hop’ and ‘Rap’ phenomenon ever, Tupac Amaru Shakur, has been listed to be inducted into ‘The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017’ next year and rightly so. Who else embodies the rock and roll lifestyle more… Continue Reading