Tourists Flock To “Dildo” In Canada, And End Up Loving The Place

There’s plenty of serious news circling beneath the mainstream media’s news radar, but we’ve decided to avoid it all, because apparently there’s a town in Canada called Dildo. We know what you’re thinking. That can’t be the name of a… Continue Reading

27ft Python Swallows Indonesian Woman Whole Whilst Gardening

Gardening can often be an arduous chore for many people around the world, whether it’s a general tidy of the garden, or you’re bolstering towards a horticultural obsession, either way, the garden isn’t necessarily deemed a dangerous place, until now.… Continue Reading

Burglar in Ireland Sues Shopkeeper After Injuring Himself

In a politically correct world of lunacy and overextended human rights, even the rights of burglars are seemingly being more catered to than their victims these days, if this latest news is anything to go by. The world has gone… Continue Reading

Fitness Model Rebecca Burger Dies From Whipped Cream Dispenser Explosion

Now for some very sad news, as yesterday it was announced that Rebecca Burger, 33, from France, a social media fitness model, tragically died from a heart attack when a whipped cream dispenser exploded and hit her in the chest.… Continue Reading