S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole Sells His Brit Award Due To Financial Troubles

Anyone else remember S Club 7? You know, the pop group that were the craze in the late 90’s/early 2000’s? Well, many years later, they’ve pretty much faded into obscurity, which was not surprising as they were a totally manufactured… Continue Reading

Everything Was Better In The 1990’s

Yes, you read that right. We thought it be about time to remind people of all the nostalgia and the very good bits about the 1990’s today, since seemingly we’re living in a modern world that’s so very detached from… Continue Reading

VEVO Review: The Weeknd – “Starboy”. Also, Bruno Mars?

So, once upon a time someone told us that ‘The Weeknd’ was a top recording artist, hence, post-overhearing his music everywhere and with only ever really listening to it with ears way closed, we finally decided to give his breakthrough… Continue Reading

ICONA POP: “Iconic Pop” the New wave “ABBA”?

Entertainment News

Here at Brainstain, we like to keep our ears peeled for new music, fresh artists’ and basically highlight those that might just take over the world, before they actually do. Call it a “premonition”, call us “culture vultures” and or… Continue Reading