Trailer for ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Film Accused of “Queer Erasure”

On Tuesday, the highly anticipated trailer for the Queen biopic was released, starring Rami Malek as the legendary frontman, Freddie Mercury. While this has been an exciting announcement for many, there are some out there that are not too pleased… Continue Reading

Why Do White Gay Men Think They’re Black Women?

‘Yass queen’ ‘OMG you look Fierce!’ ‘Oh hey gurl…’ Sound familiar…? Enter the confines of a gay nightlife establishment on any Friday night (well, any day of the week for that matter) and it will feel like you have entered… Continue Reading

10 Reasons Why the Gay Scene is the Worst Place on Earth

Bears, twinks and leather daddies, oh my! The Gay scene is a multicoloured utopia of love, unification and integration, right? Well Dorthy, we aren’t in Kansas anymore. So with all the love of a Hillary Clinton rally. Here are the 10 Reasons… Continue Reading