The UK Government’s Plan to Control What Porn You Watch is Put on Hiatus, for Now

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Does Watching Porn Damage Your Brain?

Those late nights of watching XXX rated anal penetration videos, lesbians urinating in each other’s faces, or any old Jenna Jameson timeless classic on Pornhub could actually be slowly destroying the very fabric of your mind, or at the very… Continue Reading

Londoners: Travelling On The Tube Makes Us More Happy Than Having Sex

If you ask most people if they would prefer a swift fumble or a quick trip on the Piccadilly line, you would assume that a f*ck with the latest swipe of the finger would be on top of the daily… Continue Reading

A Legally Binding Contract Will Now Be Available Before Sex

In a society where cis-gender men are reported for sexual assault every 2.3 seconds a day for accidentally brushing past a woman, the age of practicality and common sense are all but a distant memory. Men get publicly shamed and outed.… Continue Reading

Girl Sells Her Virginity For $3 Million Through Cinderella Escorts

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New Study Suggests Women in Relationships Get Bored of Sex After One Year

A study by Southampton University in the UK, consisting of 11,000 participants found that most women get bored with sex after only one year together, when in a relationship. That’s quite a comprehensive number of participants, and it does beg… Continue Reading

9 Reasons Why Right Wing Men Make Better Boyfriends

Politics is personal, after all – you are what you believe. Your views are usually shaped by your outlook and values. This is quite apparent when choosing who to spend considerable amount of time with i.e. – that special somebody… Continue Reading

WWE Superstar Paige Nude Photos and Sex Tapes Released

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Mischa Barton Has Sex Tape Shopped Around Hollywood

It’s been a strange year for former ‘The O.C.’ star Mischa Barton, 31, this year, in terms of both publicity and for incidents such as being caught by her former neighbor, sitting a top of her backyard fence, screaming random phrases… Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day: Is there a link between Pizza and Sex? (and why do only the good pizza places close down?)

Why is it that only the good pizza delivery places close down? That’s the real question on this Valentine’s Day, just why? With so many Pizza places around, are most of them just serving up terrible pizza and why is… Continue Reading