Was Margaret Thatcher Really The First Spice Girl?

Can you imagine former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher wearing miniature black pants, bright red leather thigh boots and pouting seductively in a scorching hot desert while katrina high-kicking shirtless misogynistic mansplaining men in a display of male disempowerment and… Continue Reading

S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole Sells His Brit Award Due To Financial Troubles

Anyone else remember S Club 7? You know, the pop group that were the craze in the late 90’s/early 2000’s? Well, many years later, they’ve pretty much faded into obscurity, which was not surprising as they were a totally manufactured… Continue Reading

12 Life Skills The Spice Girls Taught Us

If you were a straight girl or an in the closet internally screaming gay guy during the mid 1990’s, then the chances are that you were caught up in the cultural phenomenon that was the Spice Girls. The Spice Girls… Continue Reading

Victoria Beckham Says Spice Girls Reunion Is Not Happening

Is a Spice Girls reunion what you want, what you really really want? If so, then you’re going to be greatly disappointed. Earlier this month, there were many claims about the 90’s girl group returning in 2018 for a world… Continue Reading

Spice World 20th Anniversary Special

There is going to be a special 20th anniversary screening of the Spice World film which has been organised and orchestrated by fans all around the country! The film was released in 1997 and was the second feature film directed by… Continue Reading

Sex in the Multicultural City

Sex and the City, an iconic staple in popular culture that requires little introduction. Well, unless you are living in Syria and have no access to cable or have never seen an independent, strong-minded woman with high testosterone of course.… Continue Reading

Victoria Beckham and the Curse of the Lip Ring

Do you remember that time when Spice Girl, fashion icon, style phenomenon and all round celebrity goddess Victoria Beckham got her lip pierced and began a global holocaust? Through till today Mrs. Beckham is known as an incredibly successful businesswoman… Continue Reading

Mel B Furious About Victoria’s Carpool Karaoke (Amidst Marriage Problems)

So, what’s been happening in the Spice World, lately? Spice Girls, Spice world, well, Victoria Beckham was on The Late Late Show with James Corden and they performed a Spice Girls’ song, “Spice Up Your Life”, which pissed off Mel… Continue Reading