Women’s March Publish Denouncement Post About SCOTUS Brett Kavanaugh Before He’s Announced

The liberal lunacy organisation known as the Women’s March on Twitter, which is a truly warped identity politics group funded by George Soros, famous for wearing pink Pussyhats and opposing to Donald Trump, was caught out in their complete biased… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Passes Donald Trump’s Travel Ban

Well, it seems that Donald Trump’s policies are finally getting passed through the Supreme Court. This is good news, with the recent Trump Tax Cuts being legislated. Indeed, Donald Trump got his travel ban passed on Monday, banning six Muslim nations… Continue Reading

Julian Assange: More WikiLeaks’ out on Hillary & Pamela Anderson delivers deadly Vegan Sandwich from Pret A Manger

Current Affairs

Here at Brainstain, we like to cover important current affairs news amidst the fragile world that we now live in, approaching some serious news with a touch of humor backed by facts and verified events.  Julian Assange, the creator of… Continue Reading