The Best of the Worst: The Top Three Winners of The Razzie Awards 2018

While The Oscars lacked in excitement to the point of netting its own hashtag ‘#OscarsSoBoring’ on Twitter last Sunday, let’s not forget The Golden Raspberry Awards which might as well be considered better, at least this year anyway. The Oscars… Continue Reading

Everything Was Better In The 1990’s

Yes, you read that right. We thought it be about time to remind people of all the nostalgia and the very good bits about the 1990’s today, since seemingly we’re living in a modern world that’s so very detached from… Continue Reading

American Made Starring Tom Cruise Now in Cinemas

It’s not even been a while since we’ve seen Tom Cruise do a film, but its been a while since we’ve seen him do one, which wasn’t all action and with no real plot line to speak of. Alas, now… Continue Reading

Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Finally Allowed to Go Public

So, guess who’s finally been able to officially announce their long running union in public for the first time? Well, as we previously wrote (click here to read it),¬†we all wondered when the biggest known secret was allowed to be… Continue Reading

Beloved Swedish Character Actor Michael Nyqvist Passes Away (A Tribute)

Since the very beginning of cinema, Sweden has stood strong with talents throughout the decades, with talents such as the absolute icon of film direction in Ingmar Bergman, plus modern director Lukas Moodysson, then timeless acting icons such as Greta… Continue Reading

The Mummy Official Trailer Unleashed

Now, how do you go and make the film franchise of The Mummy, any better? Well, you bring in esteemed and prestigious action hero and leading man expert, Tom Cruise and add the jingle of ‘Paint It Black’ by The… Continue Reading