PAUL WALKER: 3rd Anniversary of his Death (Murder?)

On November 30th 2013, was the date when Hollywood actor, Paul Walker, from the ‘Too Fast, Too Furious’ film (buy here) franchise died, whilst being driven in a Porsche that later exploded upon impact, with a very thin looking tree. Yes, exploding into a huge fireball on impact, in fact, just like a Hollywood movie. Now, three years after his death, we still find it highly suspicious and we’ve decided to put it all into a comprehensive breakdown of what may have really happened instead. After all, it seems highly coincidental that he starred in a film about racing fast cars, to then suddenly die as a passenger within a fast car, it just all seems a little too convenient to be true. We don’t really believe in coincidences, but you can buy ‘Too Fast and Too Furious’ right here.

As was told by his father, Paul loved people more than he loved acting. He was also an adventurer and we recall seeing him on a documentary , helping to research Great White Sharks in the ocean wild. So, he was into nature and he actually ran his own charity called ‘Reach Out World Wide’ which was formed in 2010, after the Haiti Earthquake in January 2010. Since then ROWW has also helped to bring aid in various natural disasters across the globe, plus to fund and re-house U.S. citizens constantly displaced by natural disasters in the Midwest, often known as “Tornado Alley”. Every year, there are whole towns that are seemingly still affected by these tornados. So, being heavily vested into the knowledge in creating this charity for the people, no doubt Paul Walker would have come across lots and lots of inside information into certain aspects of let’s say the ionization of the atmosphere, to weather control and weather manipulation technology and the plausibility of the use of military style weather weaponry that could, was and has been used around the world to re-create so-called “natural disasters”. This isn’t your average conspiracy theory, when you can easily look up organizations such as HAARP, to name just the one that we know of.

So, it is plausible that Paul Walker, who ironically on the day of his death, was leaving a fund raiser for ‘Typhoon Haiyan’ victims, to then reportedly crash into a concrete lamppost and two thin trees on Hercules Street, in a 45 mile per hour zone near Kelly Johnson Parkway in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California, to suddenly just explode into a huge fireball. Speeding or not? Do cars really just explode into fireballs? We will say it again, “only in Hollywood films”, mostly?

Bad driving or murder?

Bad driving or just murdered?

So, postmortem of the car and nothing to be found of Paul Walker and his friend, Roger Rodas, as their bodies could not be examined after all the burning. Experts said that perhaps the car was travelling around 80mph, but nobody is quite sure how fast the Porsche Carrera was going. The incident was captured on CCTV footage (watch here), however, most of the vision was blocked by trees and brush.

But, what is clear is that some people know and believe that Paul Walker was intending on disclosing or challenging some research he had un-earthed on so-called natural disasters, in some cases, being nothing but wholly un-natural, and in fact, man made disasters. Some say, he was killed off for digging too deep, read here.

What we can guess is that this fireball did not co-exist with your standard vehicle crash, but it was rather more likely the reason of a drone strike with a missile projectile into the travelling car, creating an explosion that even Hollywood pyrotechnics’ teams’ would be proud of. A sort of stealth aerial assassination, if you will. Such would be the simplicity to silence somebody trying to speak out about the shocking horrors of these types of organizations that are using destruction, coated under the blanket excuse of “natural disasters”. Now, some blamed the driver, Roger Rodas, some even tried to blame the car on a technical fault, but a source close to the driver, said “Roger was a world class driver” and it would be preposterous to put this crash down to any sort of human error.

So, without needing a tin foil hat for this one, it is clear that there is more to his death than first meets the eye. There have even been references in ‘Family Guy’ predicting his death, just a week before it happened. Perhaps, also because Paul Walker was said to have been actively looking to get out of the Hollywood film business as well, but surely exposing some evil secrets on natural disasters, may have just been reason enough for him to be eliminated completely. Some also say that Paul Walker knew about how some Philippines’ disaster relief aid, was containing and laced with birth control. But, we’re not subscribing to that silly theory either. Paul’s family have since contested his death with a lawsuit against Porsche, with at least one of two cases, still on-going and one lost.  We are definitely upon review, leaning towards the all likelihood of a drone strike, for knowing too many secrets that he wished to express further.

So, while we still find it highly suspicious, all we can say is ‘Rest in Peace’ and we hope more people would open their eyes to the presence of evil in this world. Here you can watch another video talking about Paul Walker’s suspicious death. Also, you can watch this video to learn more, here. Or just start googling and doing your own research.


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