Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Hits 50 Percent, beating Barack Obama

President Donald Trump’s approval rating has hit 50% in the Rasmussen daily presidential tracking poll on Monday, which puts him way ahead of his predecessor, Barack Obama, at the same stage in his presidency.

The last time Donald Trump hit the 50 percent mark in the Rasmussen polls, was on February 27th, when they placed him within the 47-50 percent range. Barack Obama only reached 46 percent in the Rasmussen polls on the date of April 2nd, 2010.

President Donald Trump has had a pretty good easter break. Credit: Money 105.5 FM

Seemingly across all polls, Trump’s approval has steadily been rising, even in less favourable polls such as FiveThirtyEight who put his approval rating at 40 percent, with a disapproval rating of 53.2 percent. CNN found that Trump’s approval rating is at an 11 month high of 42 percent, and The Associate Press found similar results in their poll.

Despite the Deep State’s push to use student propaganda puppet shills for the banning of guns after the Parkland shooting, as well as implementing the money hungry porn star Stormy Daniels on CNN and 60 Minutes as their main source of credibility, none of the intelligent public could care any less about all that malarkey, since clearly the proof is in the Rasmussen polls, as usual.

Well, that’s some good news to commence work to after the Easter holidays, isn’t it? Plus, with plenty of real news out on the horizon, that may just have plenty of former leftist politicians currently shaking in their boots, it’s most definitely going to be a very interesting month of April, we believe.

So, a warm welcome “back to work” for everyone. The border wall will be finalised within a year, DACA is already being exposed for what it really is, Mexico do nothing to stop illegal immigration, plus with the ongoing and almost silent arrests in the human trafficking stakes of high profile people in America, going down on a weekly basis (not a conspiracy theory!), who can really say that the American president isn’t doing a good job and following through on his campaign promises?


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: The Daily Beast

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