The Left’s Selective Outrage Over Separating Children at the Border is Exposed

Over the past week, the left have attacked President Donald Trump over a law implemented by former Democrat president Bill Clinton in the year 1996, which separated families from their children at the border after entering America illegally. This law was exercised profusely under the Bush administration and even more so under the Barack Obama presidency, but we didn’t hear a word from the mainstream media at the time, but now it’s their latest selective outrage brainwashing tool to turn people against Donald Trump. It’s not going to work, but enjoy the news circus…

Indeed, the selective outrage news stories aimed at President Donald Trump show incredible bias, but as we all know, the mainstream media is apart of the cabal and the elitist agenda, and their efforts along with the disillusioned Democrat supporters, celebrities and with the Democrat party themselves, crumbling at the seams with no credibility or almost any power left, this is just the latest anti-Trump story that they’re using to cover up what’s really happening behind the scenes, which the mainstream media doesn’t want to show you or even report on.

The QAnon movement is reaching higher levels every week, with more and more people waking up, in the aptly called “great awakening” on a multitude of issues, coincidentally with child sex trafficking and human trafficking being Democrat crimes not covered by the mainstream media. Was that why Bill Clinton introduced the law in 1996, to separate children from their parents after entering America illegally? Who knows?

A child detention room in Texas under the Barack Obama presidency in 2014. Credit: TheShadeRoom

But, surely we can all remember Laura Silsby being caught and stopped at the Hatian border with 33 undocumented Hatian children, trafficking them for the Clinton’s, and trying to abduct them, right? This is now known as the Silsby-Clinton Hatian kidnapping scandal. It makes you wonder why the number “33” was significant (look it up) as well as what they wanted those children for, right? This scandal had a huge media cover up, and luckily the children stayed put.

Anyway, back to today’s recent news with everyone attacking Donald Trump. Barack Obama spoke on World Refugee Day yesterday, trying to stay atop of his high horse of hypocrisy. He never changed this law from 1996 whilst in office, but instead called out Trump yesterday, saying, “Are we a nation that accepts the cruelty of ripping children from their parents’ arms, or are we a nation that values families?”

Barack Obama urged compassion for the illegal immigrants. Credit: Getty Images

Barack Obama also had children detained in detention centres, but none of this is covered in the media now, or at the time. This law or issue should’ve been dealt with 22 years ago, but as usual, Donald Trump was left to fix it, and yesterday Trump signed an executive order to forbid the splitting up of illegal immigrant families at the border.

The executive order signed by Donald Trump addresses family separation, but it’s now left to Attorney General Jeff Sessions to persuade a judge that the government can hold kids longer than 20 days, thus amending another law from 1997.

However, Trump’s signing of the executive order on separating families doesn’t mean that the zero tolerance policy on illegal migrants will stop (that’s good), and illegal migrants will still face prosecution as criminals and ultimately be deported with their families back home.

President Donald Trump holds up the executive order he signed to end family separations. Credit: The Independent

America still has to keep their borders strong, but now Congress has to take action on a new amended bill. Trump said on the issues, “And also, there may be some litigation. We’re also wanting to go through Congress. We will be going through Congress. We’re working on a much more comprehensive. And ultimately, we want to see it done right, and it will be done right.”

People haven’t dealt with it, and we are dealing with it… This is one that has gone on for many decades. So we’re keeping families together, and this will solve that problem.”

Another strong move by President Donald Trump, and we wonder how the Democrats will continue to harp on about this now resolved outrage, and keep it as an outrage until they find another thing to try to topple Trump with.

The lefts’ selective outrage over separating families at the border, which has happened daftly due to laws passed under Bill Clinton’s administration and has been going on for 22 years, yet you didn’t hear a word of outrage in the past 22 years over the same issue, did you?

This marks the hypocrisy of the left, aimed at Donald Trump, with their obstruction and media manipulation tactics, which are so apparent, that the mainstream media is being exposed for nothing more than an overhyped circus.

So now that Trump has amended the loophole law of separating families at the border with his executive order signing yesterday, whatever will the left and Democrats come up with next? Stay tuned, as we expose yet more leftist hypocrisy!


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Evening Standard

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