Immigrant Youths In Sweden Coordinate Firebombing of Cars Over Social Media

Sweden is the land of meatballs, Ikea, Volvo, and burgeoning immigrant crime that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Yesterday, a gang of immigrant youths coordinated the firebombing of over 100 cars in different towns and cities across the nation, via the use of social media.

Sweden, the once peaceful nation is now beyond recognisable due to the migrant influx from 2015 and onwards, with the growing trend of firebombing cars being the proof of just that. Multiculturalism has never looked worse, then with the emergence of a crime spike never before seen in the Scandinavian nation throughout history. Many people know and believe that the migrant crisis is to blame, and in taking in well over 250,000 migrants since 2015, it’s all the evidence needed to correlate the cause of escalating violence, rape, theft, robbery, murders and the weekly firebombing of cars across the nation.

Youth gangs set fire to cars through Monday night and into the early hours of Tuesday morning in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo and Uppsala, covering all the major cities in Sweden, in one fell swoop of destruction.

Sweden has taken in more migrants and refugees than any other nation per capita, and this is most likely the reason for escalating problems, such as we’ve seen with these firebombing attacks on cars. Let’s take a look at scenes from yesterday in Gothenburg.

These arson attacks were coordinated by use of social media, and over 100 cars were set alight in Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg and Uppsala in total. Swedish socialist Prime Minister Stefan Lovfen reacted with anger at the news, appearing on radio show P1 on Tuesday morning to state, “I’m furious, for real. My question to these people is ‘what the f*** are you doing?'” 

“You’re ruining things for yourselves, your parents and your neighbourhoods.” Lofven said, adding the incident “looked very coordinated, almost like a military operation.”

The opposition party leader Ulf Kristersson of the Moderates wrote on Facebook, “Sweden has tolerated this for too long. This must end now”.

In Gothenburg, Sweden’s second biggest city, in Lysekil, Falkenberg and Trollhättan, a total of 100 cars were set alight and demolished. In Stockholm and in Uppsala, a total of 13 cars were set on fire in various neighbourhoods, simultaneously. 

Burned out cars at Frolunda Square in Gothenburg, Sweden. Credit: REUTERS

Gothenburg police say that they have managed to identify two culprits, and only two criminals have been arrested so far. Ulla Brehm, spokesperson of the police said, “We have already started making calls to the parents of youths who were taking part in this. We chose not to arrest anyone on the spot, but have identified them.”

“The fact that it has been coordinated in so many places indicate it was planned over social media to devastating effect.”

All the youths wore black and had hoods over their heads, and the only two culprits arrested so far were from Frölunda, south-west of Gothenburg, a town that was once considered a nice place to live, but is now regarded as one of the most violent areas of Sweden’s second biggest city.

Meanwhile not far away, north of Gothenburg in Kronogården, Trollhättan, 40 youths threw stones and started fires, supplementing the increasing figures in gang violence in recent years in that town alone. Three people of the forty culprits were identified in Trollhättan, but all were under the age of 15-years old and have therefore been released into the care of their parents.

Around 100 vehicles had been vandalised in total, across different towns, Swedish television reported. Credit: Twitter

More cars were burned to a crisp in Malmo and in Helsingborg, and all of this comes just three weeks before the Swedish general election on September 9th.

In 2017, 1,457 cars were deliberately set on fire, compared to 1,641 cars in 2016, according to Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency’s statistics. So less than the previous year, however, the number of cars set alight in 2018 is sure to surpass all previous years.

So, is it any wonder that most Swedish people will be voting for the hardline parties on immigration, crime and migrant numbers, via the Swedish Democrats or the Moderate party in the upcoming election? We think not!

The only way to stop this and to make a change is to vote correctly in the Swedish general election on September 9th, avoiding the Environmental party, the Socialist party and the Communist party, that have all failed the nation into an unrecognisable state of affairs.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: AP

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