The Vatican Condemned For Silence Over Sexual Abuse of 1,000 Children in Pennsylvania

The Vatican has been condemned for the deafening silence over the disturbing grand jury report detailing the Catholic church’s cover up of 301 predator priests that sexually abused at least 1,000 children in Pennsylvania over a 70 year period. The Vatican press office said it had “no comment” within regard to the child abuse findings in America.

Pope Francis has also been condemned for not addressing the findings in the report by a Catholic writer, calling his silence both “disturbing” and “disappointing.”

The Grand Jury report detailed how priests would use Catholic rituals to conduct horrifying sexual abuse onto the children. Over the course of 70 years, around 1,00o children were sexually abused by 301 priests in Pennsylvania alone. The fact that The Holy See’s press conference have been silent and declined to comment over the report, signifies a lack of remorse, as well as failing to even recognise a fault of action.

The Grand Jury report detailed the molestation and assault of children via the use of Catholic rituals and symbols of the faith to commit their sickening crimes, which has left the Vatican in an eerie silence of unaccountability.

Pope Francis has misread the extent of betrayal by the Catholic church. Credit: Getty Images

Massimo Faggioli, a Pennsylvania theology academic, said, “The silence from the Vatican is disturbing. I don’t think the Pope necessarily has to say something today. He needs time to understand the situation… but someone from the Vatican should say something.”

Catholic magazine editor Matthew Schmitz wrote on Twitter, “Francis has at times been unfairly attacked for his handling of sex abuse, but his record is still disappointing. He needs to act now by authorising a full investigation of the American hierarchy.”

A papal legate should conduct formal interviews and make recommendations to the Pope about appropriate penalties.”

The state’s top prosecutor, Josh Shapiro, called out the “weaponisation of faith” as the tool used to molest the children, with threats of  “eternity in hell” utilised to groom, abuse and rape the children.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro pictured at the press conference on Tuesday. Credit: AP

In a letter to the Pope, Shapiro said the report had found a “systemic cover up” of the sexual abuse by leaders of the Catholic church, and urged him to call on his priests to “abandon their destructive efforts to silence the survivors” and “follow the path of truth.”

The grand jury report detailed how one victim was tied up with rope in the confessional in a “praying position” and when he refused to perform a sexual act, the angry priest used a 7-inch crucifix to sexually assault him.

Another priest rinsed a boy’s mouth with holy water before abusing him while another priest told a boy that he was fondling, that it was “okay” since he was “an instrument of God.”

In another church, a 7-year old boy confided that he had been gang raped and he was told that he had to provide sex, in order to go to heaven. Whilst at a parish record, the report said that four priests tied a naked boy to a cross and made him pose like Jesus and then took naked photos of him.

The silence of the Vatican over the grand jury report, says it all. Credit: WalksInsideRome

So far, only two of the priests have ever been charged with crimes as a result of the grand jury investigation, and over 100 of the priests are already dead, and many others are also retired.

To make matters worse, the Pennsylvania grand jury said that in almost every case of the sickening child sexual abuse that had occurred, most were already way past the statute of limitations for bringing any criminal charges against the pedophile priests.

Church leaders claim that most incidents happened long ago, and noted that major reforms were adopted from the year of 2002 onwards, in order to safeguard the children. But, that shouldn’t deter the public from knowing the facts, or for the Vatican to respond to the sickening pedophilia crimes that were detailed in the grand jury report, which they have chosen to remain silent on.

In cases such as these, we firmly believe that a very painful death sentence would be the justifiable charge against these pedophile priests, don’t you?!


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