Democrat Deep State Panic Brings Multitude Of Fake Rape Accusations Against Brett Kavanaugh

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you would have heard about the false rape accusations against soon to be confirmed Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, which is a smear campaign by the mainstream media, brought about by Deep State Democrats who are in a panic about the upcoming declassified FISA warrants and documents, which would implicate numerous cabal operatives and Democrat obstructionists for treason against the United States of America.

Now, we’ve decided to ignore this fake news for the majority of all of last week (by living under a rock), since it is beyond ridiculous, and it’s reportedly yet another $5 million spent by George Soros to try to prevent Brett Kavanaugh from being appointed as Supreme Court Justice.

These false rape accusations from Christine Blasey Ford (who’s been paid by George Soros) claims she was raped 35 years ago by Brett Kavanaugh in high school, but she won’t testify. Might have something to do with the numerous witnesses denying any incident ever took place that summer. Christine Ford used to get black out drunk at high school parties, and boasted about her sexual conquests in school. Now 35 years later, she tries to claim that she was raped by Brett Kavanaugh.

A liar and a con paid by George Soros, (pictured) Christine Blasey Ford in her high school yearbook from 1982. Credit: YNW

After 35 years, you think she might have remembered any of these occurrences from high school, before she was paid by Deep State Democrats to lie in order to try to prevent Brett Kavanugh’s appointment as SCOTUS.

It’s been revealed that Christine Ford may or may not testify on Thursday, as there have been a further two other women claiming to have been raped by Brett Kavanaugh since her allegations. One of them being Deborah Ramirez, who claims she was assaulted by Kavanaugh at Yale University. Seemingly, since Christine Ford’s allegations are falling apart in the realm of truth, the Deep State created another false allegation with Deborah Ramirez. Furthermore, in 2003, Deborah Ramirez earned the title of ‘Senior Fellow’ from George Soros. Do you see a pattern, yet?

Even Megyn Kelly brought up the lies from Democrats on the Today show yesterday, in the light of further Kavanaugh accusers, overall dispelling the claims of the rape allegations, proving that they’re completely “political” and not based on any fact, lamenting Democrat obstructionists.

Brett Kavanaugh even admitted that he was still a virgin in high school, and that his old calendars from 1982 do not match up to any sort of party, where he was in attendance with Christine Blasey Ford at the same time.

It is clear to anyone with half a brain that this is just the latest ploy of false rape accusations out of the Deep State cabal playbook, as they’re in a panic about Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed to join the Supreme Court, meaning he will be then be able to act on the FISA warrant scandal without the former corrupt power structure within the FBI with James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, to protect the Deep State obstructionists working against America, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

What’s even worse for the Deep State Democrats and cabal members (of which the mainstream media are included), is that it is now plain for everyone to see the high level of lies and brainwashing tactics used to sway public opinion by creating a failing smear campaign against Kavanaugh. The best part is that everyone can now see the obstructionist lies of the left in plain sight, even more so, than before.

“I’ve never sexually assaulted anyone.” Brett Kavanaugh told Fox News. Credit: AP

It’s amazing that liberals believe in these false rape accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, of which only the mentally ill need apply, but they completely ignore confirmed rapists such as Bill Clinton, child traffickers such as John Podesta, and women beaters like Keith Ellison, of which there’s tons of evidence to confirm the facts. However, because they are Democrats… they turn a blind eye to that. That’s a tactic straight from the Democrat playbook, “accuse the other side of which you are guilty.”

All accusers against Brett Kavanaugh are George Soros funded, and have ties to leftist agendas like pro-abortion, are also anti-American, and are undoubtedly all Deep State Democrats that are trying to uphold due process by throwing out false rape accusations against Kavanaugh, in hope that he will just step down before he’s confirmed as SCOTUS.

Trump has all the DOJ’s FISA warrants paperwork, indicating treason involving many top Democrats. Credit: LiveTradingNews

That’s not going to happen, and these false rape accusations will not stick, so the day of the FISA warrant scandals arrests’ will still come. Plus, with Ruth Bader Ginsburg soon to retire from the Supreme Court, Donald Trump will have yet another Supreme Court Justice to bring in, after Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed.

So for now, let’s keep watching the fake, lying news media, and the Deep State Democrats drowning deeper into the swamp with full-blown panic for all the world to see. Come the midterm elections, even the most dimwitted liberal will begin to see the lies right before them.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: AP

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