California Wildfires Death Toll Reaches 71 with 1000 People Still Missing

The California wildfires have ravaged the town of Paradise, parts of Malibu, and despite firefighters reporting a 57% containment for the Woolsey and Camp Fires, which ignited over one week ago, with the latter located in the Sierra foothills 175 miles north of San Francisco, still continue to burn, but much less than before.

Some 10,000 homes and other buildings have been incinerated since November 8th, with the dead toll rising to 71 and with 1,000 still missing, with the smoke from fires so strong, that it’s blocking out the sun.

Horrifying drone photos have been released of the damage in California, including of the Paradise Mobile Estates, that once housed hundreds of displaced residents, which was burnt to ashes in the blaze.

Many people familiar with California wildfires have said that these latest so-called wildfires have not been consistent with other wildfires of years past, and there’s widespread concern and evidence which suggests the use of Direct Energy Weapons (DEWs) which actually caused these fires.

At least 71 people have been confirmed dead in the Camp Fire, in the Sierra foothills, which now ranks as the most lethal US wildfire since the turn of the last century, with National Weather Service meteorologist, Hannah Chandler-Cooley, telling Bloomberg that the smoke from the fire was so thick that it actually  “prevents the sunlight from reaching the surface.”

Smoke hangs over the scorched remains of Old Town Plaza following the wildfire in Paradise. Source: AP

Hannah added, “‘It prevents surface heating.”

The smoke has lowered surface temperature by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the US National Weather Service. Authorities have attributed the high wind speeds as the causation for the high death toll, but experts and many witnesses claim that there’s no way that these fires could have spread so quickly, as a result of only wind speed. The town of Paradise with 27,000 residents was torched at incredible speeds, never ever seen before, anywhere.

This is the worst fires in California’s history by far and the damage is unprecedented, with Paradise being completely gone only some hours after the fires first started last Thursday, according to the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire).

Does that sound like a regular wildfire to you? Butte County Sheriffs office have now confirmed that 1,000 people are unaccounted for, and will soon be feared dead, so the death toll is set to rise, once the missing people are never found. But, Sheriff Kory Honea also said that the death toll will continue to fluctuate up and down, as more names are added and some removed from the list, if any more survivors show up.

The Woolsey Fire has charred more than 83 per cent of National Park Service land. Source: AFP

In the aftermath of the disaster, worried residents have called for a plan for authorities to reach cellphones that can’t get reception in the hilly terrains, or for those without cellphones at all, should another wildfire come in the near or far future. Honea reiterated that evacuation orders were issued through 5,227 emails, also with 25,643 phone calls and 5,445 texts, in addition to social media and the use of loudspeakers in the surrounding areas. 

However, due to the speed and ferocity of these mysterious fires, many residents didn’t get the message in time, with emergency services unable to assess how the evacuation went, since they were fighting the fires, that moved at incredible speeds throughout the county.

Honea said in his defense, “The fact that we have thousands and thousands of people in shelters would clearly indicate that we were able to notify a significant number of people.”

The Paradise fire proved the shortcomings in any warning technology, although Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill in September of 2017, for statewide guidelines for Amber Alert like warnings to be issued as standard, in case of wildfires. Seemingly, Jerry Brown’s bill didn’t make any difference, plus he’s departing his post on January 1st, as Governor of California.

The smoke has lowered surface temperatures by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Source: LA Times

In this latest fire, for Jerry Brown to try blame climate change is nothing short of insulting to those who lost their lives, and for those that lost their homes, and everything in these fires.

Add to that, that many Internet researchers have discovered the path of the fires, has created a path of destruction that some say is similar to the already planned California High-Speed Rail system, which is already under construction, connecting Anaheim to downtown Los Angeles, then up to San Francisco’s Salesforce Transit Center via the Central Valley.

Which is another reason why Direct Energy Weapons are being rumoured to have been used to cause these big blazes. Since, how else could the fires path and the path of the railway line match up, almost perfectly, or at least in very similar ways?

However, these are just rumours and conspiracy theories… So, we have to stick with the official story of wildfires caused by climate change. But, nobody really knows…

However, as to what has really caused these out of control fires, it truly beggars belief that they were simply caused by normal wildfires, as in many photos of the destruction, only houses were burnt, far away from any trees in circumference, making that another piece of vital evidence shrouding these disastrous fires into doubt, as being caused by any regular wildfires.

Airborne laser aircraft, have been rumoured by conspiracy theorists to be able to shoot down DEWs, which does make sense, or does it? Credit:

Experts have also noticed inconsistencies in the aftermath of the blaze, with liquid like remnants staining tarmac, which does not happen under the influence of regular fire, signifying the possible use of microwave energy or lasers, during way hotter than any way that nature burns.

Images such as these show that the fires were way hotter than that of any natural wildfires. This has never been seen before in any previous wildfires anywhere. Credit:TheNewYorkTimes

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the people and families that have lost their lives, their homes and to the many firefighters that have been fighting the spread of the blaze, still after more than a week of continuous burning, which were spread further by increasing wind speeds, since Tuesday this week.

Thankfully now, the fires seem to have been contained, but smoke still fills the air and there is now growing concern about air quality, with even the Kardashian sisters demanding action after experts stated that a ‘witches brew’ of poisons was released into the air, when the wildfires encroached on the site of secret nuclear laboratory near Simi Valley.


Pray for California!

Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: AP

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