#WhoBitBeyonce: Beyonce Fans Investigate Who Bit the Singer at After Party

Fans of the famous pop star Beyonce are taking to social media to “investigate” who bit her after it was reported that she was bitten on the face at an after party. This is news! Come on you people of the Bey-hive,… Continue Reading

Is Jennifer Lawrence To Blame For Chris Pratt And Anna Faris’ Split?

Do any Hollywood marriages work out these days? Here comes another starring the magnificent demi-god and heart-throb Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt and Erica from Friends, also known as Anna Faris. After eight years of marriage, Chris… Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian Shuts Down Countertop Cocaine Rumours

Good morning, good day or good evening to you, fellow early birds, hard-workers and insomniacs, now we’ve recently had the pleasure of avoiding Kim Kardashian for quite some time, but inevitably, we knew that the day would come once again,… Continue Reading

Jim Carrey Trips on Mushrooms in Preparation for Role as Terence McKenna

Many people may have been asking where actor Jim Carrey has been recently. Seemingly, he has been a bit neglected by Hollywood of late or he’s just taken some time off after some bad films, and generally, we miss seeing… Continue Reading

How Kim Kardashian greeted Kanye West after Paris Robbery

In October last year, Kim Kardashian went through a horrible robbery at gun point in her Paris apartment, which saw her lose lots of jewelry and not to mention, having to endure the psychological and mental strain of the frightening… Continue Reading

Rihanna and Chris Brown Sexting Again?

Sometimes old flames are hard to put out (kill the fire) and it’s no different with Rihanna and Chris Brown, who last week began following each other again on Instagram, having social media chemistry sparks fly, which escalated to direct… Continue Reading

The Fling is Out: Angelina Jolie & Jared Leto Are Hooking Up, plus Brad gets to see more of his Kids

With the ongoing “elephant in room” of divorce proceedings, that have been in the celebrity ballpark since late September of 2016, in the Angelina Jolie vs. Brad Pitt match-up; we’re now finally hearing the rumors of just who is having… Continue Reading

Britney Spears Throws Biblical Shade on Katy Perry’s “Shaved Head” Diss

During the recent Grammy’s Awards Red Carpet event covered by E!, Katy Perry was stopped by “you guessed” it, Ryan Seacrest and the usual stop and have an impromptu conversation of “blah-blah-blah” and what she “was wearing that night?” came… Continue Reading

Azealia Banks Beef with Rihanna Over Immigration Ban

The highlight of the weekend was Azealia Banks Instagram “war of words” with Rihanna’s Tweets over Donald Trump’s immigration policy, and his move to block certain problematic nations from entering the U.S.A for ninety days. Of course, we have never… Continue Reading

Madonna to Adopt Twins from Malawi

After Madonna’s post-Inaugural antics in protesting Donald Trump at the so-called “women’s” protests, saying that she had thought a lot about blowing up the White House in front of an impressionable crowd of young people, which also garnered her a… Continue Reading