Senator Dianne Feinstein In Hot Water Over FBI Investigation On Kavanaugh

A week after the testimony hearings of liar Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s (aka Dr. Fraud) sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court Justice nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, resulting in him being berated and criticised after passionately protecting himself in his own testimony… Continue Reading

Amy Schumer’s ‘I Feel Pretty’ Receives Body Shaming Backlash

Stand-up comedian and actress, Amy Schumer, has recently received some serious backlash over the trailer of her new film – “I Feel Pretty.” Amy Schumer stars as the main character, Renee Bennett, who bangs her head during a cycling class… Continue Reading

Madonna: Promises BJ’s for Hillary Votes! (Shudder)

Entertainment News

We were about to call it a day here at Brainstain, but then we realized that this is pretty much a 24-hour job, with lots of writing and eyebrow frowning at the current state of the world. Who better to… Continue Reading