Would Postman Pat Be ‘Postperson’ Patricia & Have Preferred Pronouns In 2018?

Childhood used to be such a simpler place, in which women didn’t have penises, men were not wimpy soy boys, and Monica Lewinsky was still a young budding intern full of hopes and dreams… A little piece of our childhood… Continue Reading

Would He-Man Be Non-Binary in 2018?!

To many Generation Z Snapchatters and Tide Pod swallowers, He-Man is that biceped blonde guy in spandex pants dancing around with some guy in a skeleton costume in the MoneySuperMarket.com commercials, but long before that, He-Man was the very definition… Continue Reading

How Do You Like Your Barbie? Crispy, Well Done, Or Burnt?

With the sun now roasting us like a heat wave in Dubai, it’s that time of the year when Dad’s up and down the country whip out their sausages and toss them on the charcoal. We are of course talking… Continue Reading