Youtube Music Videos Hacked by Prosox and Kuroi’sh

Going by the names “Prosox and Kuroi’sh”, these hackers have certainly made a name for themselves, by hacking many of YouTube’s popular music videos, including the music video for “Despacito”, which has had over five billion views. The video’s cover… Continue Reading

The 60th Grammys: The Award Winners (& Politics)

So, the 60th Grammys came and went without as much passion or care for the dire situation amongst the Satanic Establishment run music industry, and many of their pawns, but there were definitely many winners on the night, a few… Continue Reading

The Most Streamed Song of All Time Hits 4.6 Billion Plays

So, apparently whilst we’ve been probably hearing this song everywhere by now, it still seems to sound like all the other songs in the latin dance category and we think we saw the video once, but we blatantly flipped past… Continue Reading