Homer Simpson To Dress In Drag For New Simpsons Episode With RuPaul

Yes, you read the headline correctly! Now what did Homer Simpson really do to have to “pay the piper” and dress up as drag queen in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons alongside RuPaul? Answers on a Springfield postcard please,… Continue Reading

Would Postman Pat Be ‘Postperson’ Patricia & Have Preferred Pronouns In 2018?

Childhood used to be such a simpler place, in which women didn’t have penises, men were not wimpy soy boys, and Monica Lewinsky was still a young budding intern full of hopes and dreams… A little piece of our childhood… Continue Reading

10 Reasons Why the Gay Scene is the Worst Place on Earth

Bears, twinks and leather daddies, oh my! The Gay scene is a multicoloured utopia of love, unification and integration, right? Well Dorthy, we aren’t in Kansas anymore. So with all the love of a Hillary Clinton rally. Here are the 10 Reasons… Continue Reading