U.S. Drone Strike Eliminates “White Widow” Sally Jones

Now every once in a while, there’s good news to bring you in this crazy world and we thought we’d round off the day with a celebratory story of military precision, since the White Widow of ISIS, who led recruitment… Continue Reading

ISIS Recruiter Sally Jones Wants To Come Back To The UK

So, in some completely unbelievable news today, even ironically coming on the 4th of July, we bring you this pathetic mess, from the sickening conquered soul of real life super villain Sally Jones, a 50-year old former Punk Rocker, a… Continue Reading

PAUL WALKER: 3rd Anniversary of his Death (Murder?)

On November 30th 2013, was the date when Hollywood actor, Paul Walker, from the ‘Too Fast, Too Furious’ film (buy here) franchise died, whilst being driven in a Porsche that later exploded upon impact, with a very thin looking tree.… Continue Reading