Homeless Man Story By GoFundMe Couple Was Made Up To Scam Donors

Now for some hot off the press shocking news that’s almost as bad as the Clinton Foundation’s scamming and stealing of the 2010 earthquake relief funds in Haiti by the hundreds of millions of dollars. However, in this instance, the… Continue Reading

At Least 17 Dead in California Wildfires; Flames Destroy Whole Neighbourhoods

What do you think of when you picture a landscape burning to a crisp all around you? Perhaps you might think of imagery likened to that of the Biblical Apocalypse, which was also touched upon by the comedy film ‘This… Continue Reading

Liberal Lunacy Destroys Muslim Immigrant’s Limousine; Owner Faces Possible Bankruptcy

Liberal lunatics more like, deluded idiots, some of whom were paid plenty of money in conjoining with funding from George Soros, to violently protest the post-inauguration of Donald J. Trump, under the guise of a women’s rights protest, also funded… Continue Reading