Bill Murray on Political Discourse, Hollywood and The Democrats

Actor Bill Murray, 67, made an appearance on CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ a few days ago to weigh in on the American political landscape, plus touched on the political discourse in the nation, and criticised the Democrat party. The much loved… Continue Reading

Everything Was Better In The 1990’s

Yes, you read that right. We thought it be about time to remind people of all the nostalgia and the very good bits about the 1990’s today, since seemingly we’re living in a modern world that’s so very detached from… Continue Reading

Comedy Profiles: Happy Birthday (Halloween) to John Candy

Here at Brainstain, we praise and commend “trail-blazers” in all forms and there is no one more “apt” for such a term today, than the comedy genius of John Candy. Also, we love ourselves a huge slice of “Nostalgia” any… Continue Reading