David Hogg Rejected by Top US Colleges & Emma Gonzalez Gets Called a Communist

David Hogg is that polarised pretend teenager, who’s actually a crisis actor and a future CNN wannabe news anchor, who actually graduated from High School in Redondo Beach, California, back in 2014. Plus, David Hogg is the outspoken gun banning advocate… Continue Reading

Troublesome Children Are More Likely To Be Left Wing, Study Reveals

Kids, you either love them or hate them. We hate children here at Brainstain, and are not feeling broody or inclined to freeze our sperm anytime soon in the slightest, because nothing is worse than a disobedient little brat whining… Continue Reading

Donald Trump Expertly Mocks Elizabeth Warren

President Donald J. Trump was back to work after a short break for Thanksgiving. He immediately held a White House event honouring the Navajo code-talkers, who were instrumental in fooling the Nazi’s and Japan in WWII by using broken code… Continue Reading

The Cato Institute’s 2017 Free Speech & Tolerance Survey Proves Why PC Culture is Wrong

Today is a day when proof of political correctness being a detrimental construct to society is finally exposed for all to see. Yes, PC culture is so wrong in so many ways, which we already knew, but now there’s the… Continue Reading

Why Cultural Appropriation Is A Completely Ridiculous Concept

In the times of 2016 through to 2017, the left-wing liberal media, the very pathetic “Buzzfeed” hipster communist unit and the brainwashing by the left-wing and inclusion of backwards racist activists’ that have tried to make cultural appropriation a “thing”… Continue Reading

How to Trigger All the Deluded Liberals in One Sweep

So, here at Brainstain we experience immense joy on the daily because that’s what we do, we spread joy and logic, we walk with a strut because we know plenty that you do not fathom, and that’s a pretty good… Continue Reading

5 Things to Do While We Wait for World War 3

How long have we been warned now that we should start preparing for World War 3 as heightened tensions between the US and North Korea threatens to hit boiling point? It seems that you can’t scroll through a news-feed or come… Continue Reading

Debunking 30 Hypocritical Liberal Myths and Lies

Liberals lie and often they misinterpret information to further an agenda. According to king of everything liberal Barack Obama, “The arguments of liberals are more often grounded in reason and fact.” But according to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher,… Continue Reading

The Unicorn Horn: For That Horny Liberal Leftie In Your Life

Ever felt the urge to have sex with a Unicorn or you feel that the symbol of the Unicorn represents the progressive left’s moral high ground on many dubious issues, then this is definitely the sex toy item for you.… Continue Reading