Hollywood Remakes: 5 More On The Horizon

Hollywood has grown exceedingly fond of remakes over the course of this decade. It’s not a bad thing, even if some bemoan the “lack of creativity” in Hollywood today. Remakes can be hit or miss, but they’re always interesting, and… Continue Reading

James Corden Hits Back At “Snobby” Peter Rabbit Critics

Whether you love or hate animated live action remakes of old popular tales and stories, one of the biggest things people criticise remake movies for is being an “insult” to the originals, and to its creator. This was the case… Continue Reading

NEW “IT” TRAILER UNLEASHED! Horror Fans Rejoice!

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about how the new film trailer for the remake of Stephen King’s “IT” had made the audience scream at SXSW and so we had to do a follow-up report featuring the trailer itself,… Continue Reading