Stormy Daniels Quits Celebrity Big Brother Over Producer Demands

Weirdo lawyer Michael Avenatti has spoken out about why washed up porn star Stormy Daniels quit Celebrity Big Brother ahead of Thursdays commencement show, stating that the producers “insisted she conduct herself in a certain way” and not because Stormy… Continue Reading

Lindsay Lohan Lands Her Own Reality Show

Fed up with reality TV? If so, you won’t be so pleased to hear the news that Lindsay Lohan will be getting her own reality show. But if you do like reality TV, then this might be interesting to hear…… Continue Reading

8 Alternative Names for Baby Chicago West

After leaving us in sheer suspense for what feels like an entire eternity, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally revealed the name of their third child, the aptly named… Chicago. Kim announced the baby name on her official app and… Continue Reading

Three Big Reasons Not To Watch Love Island

Love Island, a recently resurrected reality TV show, has become increasingly popular since the new series has aired. Whether it’s from advertisements on ITV or from word of mouth, you’ve heard about the show somehow. But is it worth watching?… Continue Reading

OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony To Get Reality TV Show

Nothing is off-limits when it comes to crappy reality TV these days and so why aren’t we surprised at the latest news coming at us today, OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony could be up for their own reality TV show,… Continue Reading

Is Reality TV A Magnifying Glass To Society’s Conditioning? Only If You Let It…

Lets take a trip back to the 16th century in England, shall we? A place where physical and mental disproportion were accepted like a 16-year-old with a fake ID standing in line for Berghain. The ‘Freak Show’ was a popular… Continue Reading