Snapchat Users Not Happy With App Update

Usually when I'm bored i just look through people's snapchat stories but i don't even know how to do that anymore — mario (@mariojurisic23) February 12, 2018 Whether you use Snapchat or not, you’ve heard about the app’s update, or… Continue Reading

7 Alternative Things To Put On Top Of Your Christmas Tree

Christmas is literally only a few days away! If you haven’t put anything atop of your Christmas tree, then you really aren’t doing Christmas correctly. With most people choosing to place a star (representing either the Star of Bethlehem), a… Continue Reading

Is Too Much Social Media Self Promotion A Lot Like Masturbation?

Who remembers the year of 2007? That’s ten years ago now, which was the year and time when most people joined Facebook and we could immediately find our old friends from years passed and connect with anyone around the world.… Continue Reading