Nintendo Announce ‘Super Smash Bros Ultimate’ at E3 Conference

Yesterday, Nintendo announced ‘Super Smash Bros Ultimate’ at the E3 conference, and Nintendo fans are beyond excited for this new addition to the character centric fighting game franchise, which pits the best of the crazy world of Nintendo characters, and… Continue Reading

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Released

Sometimes in the entertainment business, everybody loves a bit of a blockbuster, don’t they? Usually those are done in the form of a movie, and usually those movies tend to be commercial crowd pleasers, until they are released and everybody… Continue Reading

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite Story Trailer

After many years of waiting, this week saw the release of the trailer for ‘Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite‘ which sees the heroes of the famous comic book adventures and films of Marvel, face off against Capcom’s video game heroes, with… Continue Reading