Friends on Netflix: The One Where Millennial Snowflakes Get Triggered

In January 2018, ‘Friends’ was released on Netflix, much to the joy of those who fondly remember arguably the funniest sitcom of all time. However, for the new millennial Netflix generation that’s been loaded up on liberal indoctrination and political… Continue Reading

Sugar Daddy Advert Banned in Brussels

In Brussels, a rather crass promotion of a Sugar Daddy dating website, which had been strewn across billboards on lorries in the Belgian capital, has now seen politicians ban the adverts encouraging women to seek out Sugar Daddies to supplement… Continue Reading

The Oldest Profession Gets a New Name: “Professional Dater”

With so much interesting news out in the atmosphere today, we felt that we needed to analyze one of the absolute gems of today’s personal interest stories; by reviewing the notion of a new term, called a “Professional Dater”. This… Continue Reading

‘OMG! Golddigger & Proud’: Analysis, Instagram & Intelligence

Current Affairs

Part of our job here at Brainstain is to watch garbage television and we were going to just relax last night, take that “crap in” and not really think about anything work related. Just doze off, perhaps? Much to our… Continue Reading