Thai Cave Survivors Appear On Ellen DeGeneres’ Show With Zlatan Ibrahimovic

In case you missed it, here comes one of the most heart warming television appearances in recent times. The thirteen Thai soccer team boys that got trapped in the Tham Luang caves after a Saturday practice, whom spent 17 days… Continue Reading

Maya Bay Beach Off Koh Phi Phi Island Shuts Down To Tourists

Do you remember the quite wonderful film ‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio from the year 2000? Well, since it first premiered, the filming location of Maya Bay became a tourist hotspot, along with Koh Phi Phi Island in Thailand, where… Continue Reading

Hollywood Producers Plan Major Film for Thailand Cave Rescue

The rescue of twelve boys and their football coach from a cave in Thailand has now inspired Hollywood producers to plan a film surrounding the recent story of their rescue. Their misadventure definitely has a happy ending, with all the boys… Continue Reading

The Undiplomatic Guide to the 71 Genders on Facebook

Did you know that there are currently more gender options available on Facebook than there are countries in Europe (and that’s not including non E.U shit hole monstrosities like El Salvador and Haiti either) Though saying that, Sweden isn’t exactly… Continue Reading

Lindsay Lohan Wears Burkini in Thailand

As soon as people really being to disbelieve Lindsay Lohan‘s reported conversion to Islam, as many already have, then all of a sudden she re-emerges wearing even more attire, to supposedly align with the faith. This time she’s been spotted… Continue Reading