Coca-Cola In Serious Talks To Produce Cannabis Cola

Coca-Cola are said to be in serious talks to produce a marijuana infused drink, named “Cannabis Cola”, which will contain the non-psychoactive ingredient CBD (Cannabidiol), with benefits in easing inflammation, pain and cramping. The drink company that began producing in… Continue Reading

#PermitPatty: Woman Calls Police On Child Selling Water

#PermitPatty has been the latest story in viral news, after a video was posted showing a woman reporting a child to the police in San Francisco for selling water outside her home. Eight-year-old Jordan Austin was selling water without a permit,… Continue Reading

New York City Neighbourhood Dubbed ‘The Walking Dead’ Due to K2 “Zombies”

It’s been quite the pleasant weekend, with the Royal Wedding dominating the news sphere, with both plenty of in-awe reactions and pompous rhetoric surrounding the event, whilst the common people outside were just cutting loose in celebration, some with a… Continue Reading

Dazed and Confused: Brainstain’s Favorite Characters – “Slater” & “Darla”

Entertainment News

Many great things happened in the year of 1993, the U.S. and the Soviet Union signed ‘Star II’, reducing nuclear warheads by 3,500 units each, whilst also, it saw the release of Richard Linklater’s cult classic, Dazed and Confused. Both,… Continue Reading