Modelling Industry Discrimination: Where Are the Plus Sized Male Models?

Happy Valentines Day to all the ladies, gentlemen, and the gender queer people out there! That should’ve spoken to everyone, but anyway, let’s tackle this most interesting disparity in our world, weight issues and their promotional exposure in a healthy… Continue Reading

It’s Time to Talk About Women Who Make False Rape Accusations

Despite what feminists vehemently tell you, false rape accusations actually exist, and they are a very serious problem. The terrifying reality is that false rape accusations are as common, or nearly as common, as genuine rape reports according to the… Continue Reading

Pussies, Periods and Pandemonium: 18 Pictures That Sum Up The Stupidity Of The Women’s March

So, over the weekend, a group of overly privileged western women followed in line rigidly by their male inferior slackies complete with male collective guilt tucked in between their legs, assembled together in public to wave their homemade banners angrily… Continue Reading

A Legally Binding Contract Will Now Be Available Before Sex

In a society where cis-gender men are reported for sexual assault every 2.3 seconds a day for accidentally brushing past a woman, the age of practicality and common sense are all but a distant memory. Men get publicly shamed and outed.… Continue Reading

New Study Suggests Women in Relationships Get Bored of Sex After One Year

A study by Southampton University in the UK, consisting of 11,000 participants found that most women get bored with sex after only one year together, when in a relationship. That’s quite a comprehensive number of participants, and it does beg… Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence is Sexist & Racist (Apparently)

We live in a world that’s on the very cusp of a future filled with more AI (Artificial Intelligence) than ever before. Yes, we mean sci-fi-esque robots and things like that. However, we also live in a world of sensitive… Continue Reading

Do Some Men Have A Preferred Taste In Women?

Some men like brunettes, some men prefer blondes, some men like raven-black haired beauties and some even like women with dyed coloured hair and plenty of tattoos (why not?). Some prefer every woman from every ethnicity under the sun, (that’s… Continue Reading

Playboy to Honor Playmates of Years Past

Playboy Magazine and Playboy Enterprises, founded by Hugh Hefner in 1953 and currently being ran by his son Cooper Hefner as Chief Creative Officer, have decided to make their motto and philosophy clear to their readers: “Once you’re a Playmate,… Continue Reading

Dating Trends: What Exactly Is A Sapiosexual And What Is A Stupisexual?

You know about online dating, right? Have you ever tried it? Did it work for you? We’re willing to bet that you might even be one of those “Sapiosexuals” we hear so much about. It’s probably written on your dating… Continue Reading