Who Signed the UN Migration Pact?

While most people were unaware or were simply not paying any attention (as usual!), countries and their leaders already met on December 10th and 11th in Marrakech, Morocco, for the Intergovernmental Conference on the Global Compact for Migration for two whole days, to hash out which nations will sign the UN Migration Pact. What is the UN Migration Pact? Well, in a nutshell, it’s countries that are willing to sign away their sovereignty for unlimited migration into their nations, in a deal decided by the United Nations.

Twenty-nine countries did not sign the Pact. However, as to who they were still remains unknown, but we applaud them in rejecting the pact. Also, the list of the nations that actually did sign the UN Migration Pact has not yet been released, even after three whole days. Why is that?

Well, we know that France’s Emmanuel Macron signed the UN Migration Pact since the French Army have already accused Emmanuel Macron of treason, after signing the Pact, despite the on-going Yellow Vests protests. Now the Yellow Vests aka giles jaunes protests, will continue and most likely get even worse. Yes, it’s becoming abundantly clear that France might be on the cusp of a civil war, if they’re not already in one, thanks to Emmanuel Macron. How about that media blackout and total silence on France, eh?

Meanwhile, the other well known puppet president that’s been destroying his nation in relative and progressive silence, unlike Emmanuel Macron (destroying it very rapidly!). Ladies and gentlem-, “peoplekind”… It’s Justin Trudeau and he just signed Canada into the UN Migration Pact this week. So, if you’re Canadian and you already didn’t like the open border policy from before, well you can expect it to get a whole lot worse in Canada now, because of Justin Trudeau aka Justin “Fidel” Castro actions.

Since there’s nothing that Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron like more than unassimilated migrants that contribute nothing to society, except for civil unrest and cost the nation money, and that also come from the worst third world countries ever imaginable. Or is it because both of them just always do whatever it is that George Soros says, due to them being two spineless marionettes’? Most likely, that’s the case.

We have already seen the damage George Soros’ NGO’s have done to Europe, within helping migrants  enter countries illegally, such as in Italy with African savages running amok, until Matteo Salvini was elected and banned the Soros boats, and with Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban even banning George Soros and NGO’s from the country all together, as a result.  This is no coincidence, mind you.

Justin Trudeau getting lessons in how to ruin Canada, from the expert of evil, George Soros. Credit: fullreport.ca

Anyway, this approach by Trudeu and Macron has been evidenced with increasing migration and socialist welfare benefits for the open border agenda in both Canada and France in recent years, to devastating effect, especially in France, where every day now, there’s riots in protest of Macron’s globalist policies.

Plus, the UN Migration Pact signing comes at a time when many people and many nations from the European Union have openly rejected more migration and especially EU migration quotas, after the disasters of the migrant influx of 2015, which has ravaged European nations. The many nations that have suffered after the migrant influx should be noted as Belgium, Germany, France, Sweden and beyond, with increased terror threats, violence, robbery, murders and rape escalating at unprecedented numbers, but somehow, now the same countries are succumbing to the evil plans of the United Nations Migration Pact.

For some reason the United Nations have not yet released the list of nations that signed the UN Migration Pact this week, and we wonder when they will release the list? Don’t you? If they ever will. Perhaps, citizens of nations will just have to look around, and realize that their country did sign it, when their nation is no longer recognizable as the nation that they were born in.

But, by then it may already be too late to reverse it. Since quite clearly the UN Migration Pact is a response to logical European Union nations, rightfully rejecting EU migrant quotas, such as with Hungary and the majority of the Eastern block, including Poland.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said this about UN Pact and we agree, “The United Nations migration pact is a bad pact, we won’t accommodate migrants.” Credit: VoiceofEurope

To put it beyond a shadow of a doubt of just how bad it is for any country to sign the UN Migration Pact, Angela Merkel stated recently on the UN Pact, where she warned that the “go it alone approach will not solve the issue” when speaking on migration. Huh, what?

This coming from the Chancellor of Germany who let in 1 million migrants into Germany, because she said that the Germans needed the labour force, but now as we all know, hardly any of them even work. So, it’s still the German taxpayer funding the free socialist handouts and their benefits, whilst having their own culture sacrificed for that of a foreign culture. Not to mention, the group sexual assaults on New Years Eve for sport in Cologne, just a few years back, plus to the numerous gang rapes and rapes of German women conducted by migrants, to even women being beaten by migrants and refugees in daily attacks, where cultures clash. Plus, to the ever increasing terror threat and danger of the radicalisation of more migrants and refugees, currently, and in the near, and far future. Surely, Angela Merkel shouldn’t be the voice of reason on more migration, now should she?

However, in a 360 degree spin, Angela Merkel’s recent rhetoric is that she now admits that Germany will have to find more skilled workers from outside the European Union. What, even more? So now we ask Angela Merkel, this! Why aren’t the 1million migrants working already, which you said you needed for the labor force, and instead now they’re simply just costing hardworking German’s more money in taxes? We thought that you said that the “welcome all refugees” and open up the borders to the migrant influx would supplement the work force, and not crumble the countries financial resources, right?

Well, as we all know you lied and you’re wrong, which is why you lost power and you now will step down, even though you ruined your country, beforehand.

There’s most definitely a family resemblance here, and Angela Merkel knows it and she’s probably proud of it. Credit: HelpFreetheEarth

Sadly, this very same thing is happening in Sweden, who let in more migrants per capita, than any other European nation, and as of today, they have nothing to show for it, except for being named the rape capital of Europe, and having to sacrifice Christian holidays, for instance, for that of Muslim one’s. How progressive! What a great way to become such a left wing socialist nation, that even the migrants and refugees even laugh at you and your government. Giving out free stuff, is not sustainable and quite clearly, it’s not conducive in the long term to a successful nation, which opens up its borders and expects the working people to pay for the non-working, and to pay for the non-contributing population, that you let in, against people’s wishes.

Did the United Kingdom sign the UN Migration Pact? This would be a big mistake, if Theresa May actually signed it, after she’s already been doing a very strange job with Brexit! Did Sweden sign the UN Migration Pact? The laughable government situation in Sweden and the already spiralling immigration problems, shouldn’t let anyone in their right mind, sign Sweden into the UN Migration Pact, whatsoever!

We have no doubt that Angela Merkel signed Germany into the UN Migration Pact, as her last evil deed to destroy Germany, before stepping down from the CDU, but you probably could have figured that out by yourself.

If anything, European nations and their people should be allowed to reject the UN Migration Pact, instead of having their corrupted globalist leaders sign away their countries to the migrants of other nations, after already suffering through the many consequences of the migrant influx of 2015. However, once the list of the UN Migration Pact is released, and when we know which countries are inside the UN Pact, it could very well anger people right to their inner core, after nations leaders decided this without even consulting their own people, even by the form of a single vote. Shocking!

Here’s only a few of the dangers of the UN Migration Pact in bullet point form, without even considering who will be arriving into your country. Credit: GenerationIdentity

Due to the UN Migration Pact, somehow we don’t believe we will be seeing mass migration of people into poor countries, or into even countries with less financial resources, but what we will be seeing, is another mass migration into socialist nations, that give out benefits for free. Well, isn’t that strange? So you may very well be paying for unemployable migrants, entering into your richer western nations, to live for free and live off of you, meanwhile, it’s slowly pushing your home nation into socialism, which then leads to one thing, and one thing only, and that’s communism. Since what else happens when the money runs out? We don’t think that hoards of migrants will be knocking on the doors of countries such as Lebanon or Saudi Arabia, for instance…

Anyway, the only good thing is if the countries’ leaders that have actually signed the UN Migration Pact, against the wishes of their countries’ people, can ultimately have the Pact revoked in the near future, since globalist leaders in collusion with an agenda, shouldn’t rule over the people of countries.

That would be the only right thing to do, in the face of a clearly misleading Pact, which is  intended to misinform the public by using ambitious language ladened with kindness and optimism, but consisting of anything but that, which is sold to the gullible people in an act of subversion through their own nations devious actions in submitting to the United Nations.

Well, who do you think sold their country to the dogs via the United Nations Migration Pact? Please tell us your predictions in the comments section down below. But, there is some hope, that whatever is done, can be undone, and that’s the only hope.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: BaretaNews


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